Saturday, December 13, 2008

My thoughts

Does this happen to any of you? Say you're listening to some music, but your mind really doesn't concentrate on the lyrics, but on the music. And someone afterwards asks you, "Weren't those lyrics amazing?" And you sheepishly have to answer "I have no clue, I didn't hear the words."

That happens to me allll the time. If I want to catch the lyrics, I have to go back and read them seperately...or listen realllly carefully the next time.

But I always hear the music of the song first....And usually the music does strange things. Sometimes it'll be the perfect music for something that I'll have been going through or I get chills from the music it's self....but the words have nothing to do with my "feelings"...but I still LOVE the song...because of the melody and music. Music is a wonderful thing.

Do you all know what I am trying to say? Even if you don't that's ok. I think music was one of God's greatest creations.


Sam said...

I know. Definitely! The music just sweeps you in. It's the music that touches your emotions, and the words kind of just get blocked out. :)

Claire said...

I agree... I never, never notice lyrics first.

Music is one of the reasons I'm so glad to be home--my dad and my brother are two of the most musical people I know, and there's music around all the time, whether it's jazz cds or my brother playing film music :)

I can't be at the Christmas party, but would Stephanie and Josh mind if I crashed the wedding? Jen Deeves and I want to make a road trip next month.

AND I'm writing you a letter that, I hope, WILL get mailed this time.

Claire said...

I'll see you at the wedding then!

Music is so neat. Only God could have come up with it.